The Importance of Extra Murals


Children need to be exposed to healthy, productive and constructive environments to prepare them for the challenges they’ll face in life. As such, most schools have extra mural activity regimens to supplement existing curriculums. In most schools, extra murals are mandatory for all students, whether it be physical active activities like sports or physically passive activities like chess.

There are many benefits that come with encouraging your child to partake in extra mural activities. These benefits can be divided into three categories: health, social and intellectual development.

Health benefits of extra mural activities

Physical extra murals like sports are crucial for the physical development of your child. It aids in the growth and stimulation of several muscle groups. Outdoor sports are especially important because they keep kids active in outdoor environments, something that is essential for their physical and mental wellbeing.

The regular exercise that comes with extra mural activities keeps children active and engaged. Because physical health is crucial for mental health, extra murals are essential for the psychological development of your child.

Social benefits of extra mural activities

Children need to learn very early on how to interact with society so that they can grow up to be leaders and drivers of change who take initiative in solving problems..Extra mural activities are social activities that encourage kids to frequently interact with their peers. This teaches them social etiquette and the necessary skills needed to nurture robust networks and socialise with the world.

Because of the competitive nature of sports and cultural extra murals, these activities can nurture the ‘leader gene’ in children and teach them how to take charge of certain situations. The essential character-building skills kids learn through extra murals can mean the difference between them growing up to be leaders or followers.

Intellectual benefits of extra mural activities

Extra murals also serve the purpose of teaching kids how to solve spontaneous problems using their own intellectual capacity. This experience is a fundamental building block to educate children how to become valuable and productive citizens of earth.

Physical and psychological exercise is an important steppingstone to improving the creativity children have. It shapes their natural curiosities and worldviews and teaches them character.